Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Our first Christmas and New Year's in Haiti were full and fun! We went to a cookie decorating party.  Lily sang at church on Christmas Eve and then went to our friends for a feast - Christmas Day was quiet, restful and we spent time at the park with friends.  We went for an overnight to the beach and saw more friends there, had a homemade pizza party, cooked at the super kitchen while a team from Wisconsin gave the outdoor restrooms at the Women's Hospital a face lift, we have had multiple families and friends over for dinner, Louis had a big part in the Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever - performed on New Year's Eve and the other kids were in the angel choir for the play.  We took NYE communion and prayed with friends and ended the night with a dress up party and sparklers.  Gearing up now for a great start to 2014.  We have been reflecting on 2013 and anticipating what the Lord will do in 2014 as a family.  Tomorrow we sign official paperwork with our first 4 full time employees for the super kitchen and next week we will have some training days and then cooking on a full time schedule.  
We pray that 2014 is a year of revelation about who Jesus is and who we are in HIM for us and for YOU, friends….and that out of that REVELATION we will all come into a life that is completely surrendered, fully abandoned, and incredibly satisfying in the ONE who will never leave us and who has amazing adventures planned for each of us.  May we all PURSUE HIM more than anything - may our passion for anything of this world - even good things - be minuscule in comparison to our LOVE for JESUS and our INTENSE DESIRE to see HIS KINGDOM COME on this EARTH as it is in HEAVEN!  2014 - Let it be a year where we say WE SAW THE LORD and HIS GLORY in NEW and LIFE CHANGING WAYS!  We love you all!  Happy NEW Year!
Cookie decorating party!
Walking to church on Christmas Eve
Ready for Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Morning - talking about what is in their hand carved treasure chests and how each item relates to Jesus - our treasure. And what God most treasures - US!

Day at the beach to celebrate Christmas. 12.26.13

Louis loves homemade pizza!

Getting ready for the Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever.

Big Buddies with their tough guy look.

New Years Eve 2013